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Analyzing Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment Return on Investment is a useful tool to understand, analyze, and compare different investment opportunities. Return on Investment or ROI measures the efficiency of a specific investment by revealing how net earnings recover the cost of the original investment. Have you ever wondered if the result of your investment was really worth

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Price Earnings Ratio Analysis

See Also: Earnings per Share (EPS) Price to Book Value Ratio Price to Sales Ratio Return on Equity Analysis Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share) Action Plan Price Earnings Ratio Analysis Definition Price earnings ratio (P/E ratio), defined easily as an indicator of how much investors pay for a share compared to the earnings a company generates

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Financial Jargon

See Also: Categories of Banks Finding the Right Lender Funding Source Versus Lender How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Interest Rate Is it Time to Find a New Bank? Financial Jargon My client, Elliott, met a friendly banker at a networking function. The banker told him, “I like your business and would like to loan

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