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Continuous Accounting: The New Age of Accounting

See Also: Reducing Your Cash Conversion Cycle Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Accounting Principles 1, 2, and 3 Accounting Principles 5, 6, and 7 Continuous Accounting: The New Age of Accounting Continuous Accounting is the new age of accounting. It provides a more efficient way to review financial performance in a real-time automated process, and a trustworthy, repeatable accounting cycle

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Vendor Finance

See Also: Time Saving Tip for Filing Vendor Invoices The Dilemma of Financing a Start Up Company Mezzanine Debt Financing Commercial Agents Vendor Finance Definition The vendor finance definition is the receiving of financing for an asset from the provider of the asset. Vendor finance is a common way to receive an asset before having the

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Self-Liquidating Loans

See Also: Loan Agreement Collateralized Debt Obligations When is an interest rate not as important in selecting a loan? Debt Ratio Analysis Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) What Your Banker Wants You To Know 7 C’s of Banking Budgeting 101: Creating Successful Budgets Self-Liquidating Loans Definition The term “self-liquidating loans” is banker slang. It refers

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Management Definition

See Also: Activity Based Management (ABM) Warning Signs Of A Company In Trouble Budgeting 101: Creating Successful Budgets Planning Your Exit Strategy Outsource Definition Management Definition What is Management? The management definition is a single or group of individuals who challenges and oversees a person or collective group of people in efforts to accomplish desired

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Histogram Definition

The Histogram Definition The histogram definition is a graphical representation of the density or frequencies over a certain data set. Many usually use histograms graphs in finance for market analysis. Histograms Explanation A histogram exposure is related to a data set usually in finance. The data set is usually the entire existence of the market

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See Also: Company Life Cycle Market Positioning Insider Trading Dispersion Adjusted Present Value (APV) Method of Valuation Capitalization Rate Capitalization in Finance In finance, capitalization in finance is the sum of a company’s debt and equity. It represents the capital invested in the company, including bonds and stocks. Capitalization can also mean market capitalization. Market

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