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Economic Trends for 2013

Today I attended a presentation by BBVA Research’s Chief US Economist, Nathaniel Kerp, in which he discussed economic trends for 2013 in the US. The overall theme is that the Federal Reserve is trying to convince the public to take risks. I am not sure that is a good idea. Warren Buffet has said that

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Senate Rejects Fed Nominee Diamond

Senate Rejects Fed Nominee Diamond from WSJ.com: Economy: The Senate rebuffed the Obama administration on its nomination of Peter Diamond to join the Federal Reserve, putting in flux the effort to fill the central bank’s board of governors.

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Fed Open to Raising Rates….

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke recently stated that the Fed might raise rates to cut off future financial asset bubbles, but mounted a defense against critics who claim that the Fed’s failure to do so led to the most recent financial asset bubble. Fed Open to Raising Rates I think this belies the dichotomy present in

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Bernanke sees low rates, sluggish growth ahead

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stated today that he expects interest rates to remain low for an “extended period” while the economy struggles out of the recession, given high unemployment and tight credit. He expects rates to remain low as, according to him, inflation is under control. Is your company prepared to face an extended,

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FASB Chief to Propose Accounting Rule Change

In this blog, we look at how the FASB Chief to propose accounting rule change will impact your business. FASB Chief to Propose Accounting Rule Change The Chairman of FASB is set to propose that bank regulators be allowed to make adjustments to the financial statements of banks in order to determine whether those banks

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Bernanke Predicts the Future!

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke predicts the future in a opinion article in The Wall Street Journal today. Mr. Bernanke goes to some detail explaining how he is going to suck out the liquidity sloshing around in the economy. It makes quite a bit of sense. I can see how the next phase of the economy

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Senior Loan Officer Outlook Still Grim for 2009

According to a survey released today of senior loan officers conducted by the Federal Reserve, the expectation is for the quality of existing loans to continue to deteriorate through the remainder of 2009. In addition, overall the bankers reported that they tightened residential mortgage loan standards, while the percentage of those reporting tight commercial lending

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When Crisis Breeds Future Crises

One can’t help but watch the actions of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, the FASB, the Congress, etc…and wonder what new crises for which we are being set up. In the near term greater inflation and higher interest rates seem likely. But in the long run are we not simply setting ourselves up for a

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FASB Change to FAS 157 at odds with Geithner’s Plan

This week the FASB is considering relaxing the mark-to-market accounting rule, which would seem to undercut the US Treasury Department’s plan to help banks fix their balance sheets by ridding themselves of the so-called “toxic assets.” FASB Change to FAS 157 As a taxpayer, I’d have to say that I prefer the FASB’s approach to

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When will it end?

Thanks to an incredible increase in the leverage used by various commercial banks, investment banks, and investment firms over the last 6 years, the US capital markets and perhaps the world’s teeter on the verge of collapse. For a good overview and one that puts it in the proper perspective, see this from the WSJ.

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