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Goodwill Impairment

See Also: Goodwill Accounting Term Fair Market Value Asset Market Value vs Asset Book Value Intangible Assets Goodwill Impairment Definition Goodwill impairment is goodwill that is now lower in value than at the time of purchase. Goodwill is an intangible asset that sellers are willing to pay for; brand, reputation, a large customer base, strong

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Fair Market Value

See Also: Adjusted EBITDA Asset Market Value vs Asset Book Value Valuation Methods Goodwill Impairment Fair Market Value Definition The Fair Market Value definition is the price a specific property, asset, or business would be purchased for in a sale. A company’s fair market value should be an accurate appraisal of its worth. Calculating Fair

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Intangible Assets

See Also: Current Assets Financial Assets Fixed Assets Goodwill Accounting Term Research and Development Intangible Assets Definition An intangible asset is a right or non-physical resource of a company. They are usually developed as a result of an acquisition that has been made, or years of research and development to develop a process or idea.

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Company Valuation Introduction

See Also: Cost of Capital Capital Asset Pricing Model Common Stock Cash Flow After Tax Discount Rate Why Valuation Matters Valuation Methods Liquidation Valuation Company Valuation Introduction How do you value a company and its equity? How do you calculate a company’s fair value? Have you overvalued or undervalued your company? As we dive into

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FASB Eases Mark-To-Market

Today the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changed FAS 157, providing companies more flexibility in determining the fair value of their investments held. In addition, the FASB also granted companies more flexibility in taking impairment charges on investment losses. The changes will take effect in Q2, though companies will be free to report Q1 under

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