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Should You Pay Your Interns?

Have you ever wondered if you should pay your interns? You have probably heard others praising the benefits of hiring low-cost, energetic, and eager-to-learn interns. But the question on your mind is, should you pay your interns? Should You Pay Your Interns? As an entrepreneur and CEO, I often feel like I have too many

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The Time for Reflections and Projections

The end of 2012 is quickly approaching and while businesses tend to slow down this time of year, many business owners are using the time for reflections and projections. Being able to look back over this year to reflect on the “good, bad, and ugly” of the business can give you a head start on

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Don’t Be A CFnO!

I once had a client who called his CFO a CFnO. He had had five CFOs in a seven-year period. He felt frustrated as they were always telling him why he couldn’t achieve the sales growth he wanted rather than helping him get there. As a result, he saw them more as an obstacle and

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Recapitalizing Your Company Using Mezzanine Financing

Recapitalizing Your Company Using Mezzanine Financing “There comes a time in every company’s life cycle when the company and/or the entrepreneur need some more cash. Perhaps the company needs more working capital or some additional money to help fund an expansion. Or, maybe the entrepreneur feels that it’s time to reap the benefit of all

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Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs

Dave Steitz with Steitz Partners discusses forming advisory boards for entrepreneurs. He also discusses the compensation of advisory boards and management of the advisory board meeting. An advisory board is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can implement to spur growth and profitability! Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs The advisory board is meant

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Declining Sales: How low is low?

If you are like most companies I am talking to these days your sales are off from there high for last year. Nobody is immune and there is no place to hide! You have had declining sales for the past six to 12 months with no end in site. So what sales volume should you

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Does Your Company Have an Advisory Board?

Does your company have an advisory board that meets with senior management on a periodic basis? If you don’t, then why not? This past week I spent 5 hours in a advisory board meeting that we scheduled to last 2.5 hours. We spent that time not because the management asked us to, but because we

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Don’t Let Tax Strategies Drive Financial Performance

With most young companies cash is king. As a company grows managing the cash available to finance that grow is crucial to sustaining the growth rate. Minimizing the cash expenses of the company is an entrepreneurs and CFO’s primary job. One of the main cash expenses is federal income taxes. Don’t Let Tax Strategies Drive

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What an Entrepreneur Wants From a CFO/Controller!

Most accountants are trained to identify problems. In fact, as a professional, they excel at identifying problems and minimizing risks. Two excellent examples of this skill is the audit and tax compliance areas of public accounting. What an Entrepreneur Wants From a CFO/Controller Entrepreneurs are looking for something more from their CFO/Controllers. They take risks

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