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Recruiting vs Staffing

Difference Between Recruiting vs Staffing The difference between recruiting vs staffing is that recruiting is acquiring talent to be a full-time employee. Whereas staffing is the hiring of an agency to provide temporary workers. Recruitment / Placement There are many recruitment agencies or placement agencies. It may also be referred to as a retained search. They

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What is a Staffing Agency?

See also: Recruiting vs Staffing What the Current Hiring Process Costs When You Know It’s the Right Hire What is a Staffing Agency? A staffing agency is an entity that has employees that can be hired out for temporary or long term work. A staffing agency is also referred to as an employment agency. It

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New Graduates: What Employers Are Looking For

Last week, we discussed the importance of having creativity in the workplace. Watching my Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship students walk across the stage was a bittersweet moment. However, I remembered something important. Most of those students will be fine because they have what potential employers are looking for. 2017’s Highest-Demanded Jobs I’m sure there are a lot of highly-demanded

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How long do you keep a job?

That’s the biggest question being asked by both employees and employers alike: how long do you keep a job? What’s normal in this day and age? If you would have asked 20 or 30 years ago, the answer would have been: “You keep a job for 20-30 years.” So, how long do you keep a

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Can You Grow a Company With Only “A” Players?

LeBron James: hate him or love him, you have to admit that he’s a talented basketball player. When he started out his career in Cleveland, he was a promising player. Unfortunately, his gifts were too much for the team since there wasn’t a support system to cultivate his “A” player qualities. After 7 years, James

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Recession = Fewer Professional Jobs Available

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 15 months, then you have probably noticed that the decline in oil prices has resulted in many Houston businesses experiencing symptoms of an economic recession. What does a recession mean for you? Historically, recessions equate to reduced availability of professional jobs. While the effects of the free fall in oil

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

See Also:Advantages of Professional Employer OrganizationsHow to Select a PEOPEO Compared to Outsourcing PayrollProfessional Employer Organization FAQ’sService Department Costs Professional Employer Organization | PEO Definition The Professional Employer Organization or PEO definition is a vendor that assumes, via contract, a significant portion of the employer’s responsibilities and associated risk for either all or a portion of

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Social Security Rate

Social Security Rate Definition The social security rate definition is a tax taken out of employees and employers salaries and wages. This tax goes towards the social security program in the United States. The founders built this program to provide benefits to eligible retired persons. Social Security Tax Rate Meaning The current social security tax

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Pension Plans

See Also: How to compensate sales staff Cafeteria Plan Keogh Plan Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 401k Revocable Trust What is Pension Plans Pension plans are often a key component of your employee’s benefits package from their perspective. But they can be costly for you. Basically there are two types of pension plans: Defined benefit Defined

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National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)

See Also: Professional Employer Organization FAQ’s How to Select a PEO Advantages of PEO’s PEO Compared to Outsourcing Payroll Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Co-Employment in a PEO Arrangement PEO or Outsource Payroll What is National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)? Formed in 1984, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations is the national

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Form 1099

See Also: Form 1098 W2 Form 401k Tax Efficiency Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099 Definition The Form 1099 definition is used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determine the amounts of income that is not in the form of wages, salary, and tips. An individual’s employer fills out the 1099. Form 1099 Meaning A form

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Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)

See Also: Payroll Accounting Social Security Rate Direct Labor PEO Arrangement Compared to Outsourcing Payroll Direct Labor Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) Definition The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), defined as a tax that an employer alone must pay. Although the employer pays this tax, it is based solely on the amount of work and

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