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The Hooter Meter: Main Street’s Economic Indicator

On Thursday, natural gas prices hit a 17-year low. Ouch… We often talk about how to manage your company and the best way to judge what the economy is doing. One of the simplest (and most often overlooked) things to do is to look beyond what’s right in front of you to the hints the economy has left behind.

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Economic Indicators

See Also: Consumer Price Index Stagflation Balance of Payments What are the Twin Deficits? The Feds Beige Book Economic Indicators Definition Economic indicators are macroeconomic data that describe the condition of an economy. So, use them to determine whether an economy is prosperous and expanding or troubled and contracting. For example, a high unemployment rate

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Consumer Price Index (CPI)

See Also:Economic IndicatorsWhat is Inflation?Supply and Demand ElasticityThe Feds Beige BookStagflation Consumer Price Index (CPI) Definition The consumer price index is an economic indicator that measures changes in prices of typical consumer expenses. It is also used to measure inflation and the cost of living in a geographic area. For example, if living expenses rise

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