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3 Questions Your Banker Wants Answered

Recently, I had lunch with our banker.  During the meeting, I asked her what she wanted to accomplish when meeting with her customers.  She said that she wanted to know the 3 questions your banker wants answered… 3 Questions Your Banker Wants Answered 1.  How are you feeling about your business and the local economy?

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Using Flash Reports to Improve Productivity

In today’s fast-paced business world, most companies use some sort of dashboard or flash report to monitor and improve productivity and other key performance indicators.  Despite their wide use, many are still confused on what exactly should be measured and what constitutes a key performance indicator. Using Flash Reports to Improve Productivity What often happens is

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

See Also: Flash Reports Normalized Earnings Continuous Accounting: The New Age of Accounting Collection Effectiveness Index Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Definition Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined as the key drivers of economic activity for a company In essence, KPIs measure the productivity of an organization. By performing a key drivers analysis of the most

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Business Drivers

See Also: Business Driver Example Value Drivers: Building Reliable Systems to Sustain the Growth of the Business Cost Driver Market Positioning Are You Collecting the Data You Need to Run Your Business? Financial Position Business Drivers Definition Business drivers, defined loosely as the main factors and resources which provide the essential marketing, sales, and operational

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Business Driver Example

See Also: Business Drivers Planning Your Exit Strategy Selling Your Business to a Private Equity Group Leadership Action Plan Business Driver Example Tips Look at the following business driver example. Dan is the owner of a startup web development firm. He has done his initial research, written a business plan, and is prepared for the

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