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How to Manage Organizational Diversity

In the United States, we live in a melting pot of diversity. Since diversity is present in American society, you would probably expect it to be prevalent in most workplaces. Unfortunately, as a society we often look at diversity as a disadvantage instead of an opportunity to help us succeed. Interpersonal conflict caused by diversity

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Workplace Diversity

See Also: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Co-employment in a PEO Arrangement What is Workplace Diversity? Diversity in the Workplace is a reality in most businesses and organizations. If organizations strive to improve their competitive advantage in the market, then they must learn how to successfully manage a diverse workforce. Diversity Management In a workplace,

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Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs

Dave Steitz with Steitz Partners discusses forming advisory boards for entrepreneurs. He also discusses the compensation of advisory boards and management of the advisory board meeting. An advisory board is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can implement to spur growth and profitability! Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs The advisory board is meant

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