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Service Department

See Also: Administration Expenses Outsource Definition Advantages of PEO Services for the Business Owner Sunk Costs Joint Costs Service Department Definition Many companies require support activities as well as core activities to produce their goods and/or services. Support services, or a service department, do not contribute directly to the production of goods or the providing

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Step Method Allocation

Service Department Cost Allocation In accounting, allocate the costs of support service departments to the different departments within the organization that make use of those support services. There are several methods for allocating the costs of support service departments, including the two following methods: Direct method Step method allocation Step Method Allocation Using the step method

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Implementing Activity Based Costing

See Also: Segmenting Customers for Profit Activity Based Management Standard Costing Process Costing Activity Based Cost Allocation Implementing Activity Based Costing Explanation All of us have used cost allocation, the process of assigning common costs to ending inventory and cost of goods sold (COGS), as part of our Financial Services offerings since it is required

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