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Capital Budgeting Methods

See Also: Capital Budgeting Phases Cost of Capital Discount Rates NPV Net Present Value Cost of Capital Funding Capital Budgeting Methods Definition Most small to medium sized companies have no idea how to approach capital investments. They treat it as if it were an operating budget decision rather than a long-term, strategic decision that will

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Audit Scope Example

Audit Scope Example Ely is an auditor for the IRS. His work, some of the most technical for any forensic accountant, involves looking deeply into a company to find errors which may lead to prosecution. By doing this, Ely is preventing the company from any financial foul-ups that could lead to fraudulent information being shared.

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Angel Investor

See Also: The Dilemma of Financing a Start-up Company How to Prepare an Investor Package What is a Term Sheet Working Capital Why Venture Capital? Angel Investor Definition The angel investor definition is someone who invests in private startup companies. They often provide the first source of outside capital for a startup company. Role of an Angel

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FASB Eases Mark-To-Market

Today the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changed FAS 157, providing companies more flexibility in determining the fair value of their investments held. In addition, the FASB also granted companies more flexibility in taking impairment charges on investment losses. The changes will take effect in Q2, though companies will be free to report Q1 under

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