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Bank Charge

See Also: Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Analysis 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) SKU Categories of Banks Bank Charge Definition Bank charge, defined as the fees associated maintaining a bank account, exist in the personal as well as business world. These charges come from two factors. First, regular account maintenance is perhaps the

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Can Factoring Be Better Than A Bank Loan?

See Also: What is Factoring Receivables The Dreaded “F” word Accounting For Factored Receivables Journal Entries For Factored Receivables Working Capital Preparing a Loan Package Question About: Can Factoring Be Better Than A Bank Loan? What I have found is that normally a business owner who needs financing for the growth of their business start

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Can You Build Success by Narrowing Your Customer Base?

I recently read an interesting Business.com article by Art Saxby. Art Saxby is the founding principal of Chief Outsiders. In this article, he talks about how to achieve success by narrowing your customer base.  Sounds counter-intuitive… But how many firms tie up valuable resources catering to high-maintenance customers who often don’t stick around in the

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Do You Know Who Your A-List Customers Are?

Do you know who your A-list customers are? I was in a board meeting last week when I heard an interesting story from one of the other board members. Mike recalled when he was a young man and developed an interest in electrical work. While continuing to work at his day job, Mike developed a

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