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Working Capital Analysis

See Also: Balance Sheet How to Collect Accounts Receivable Factoring Working Capital from Real Estate Quick Ratio Analysis Current Ratio Analysis Financial Ratios Working Capital Analysis Definition Working capital (WC), also known as net working capital, indicates the total amount of liquid assets a company has available to run its business. In general, the more working

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Working Capital

See Also: Balance Sheet How to collect accounts receivable Factoring Quick Ratio Analysis Current Ratio Analysis Financial Ratios What is Working Capital? Use the following formula to figure out what is working capital. Formula: Current Assets – Current Liabilities = Working Capital Working Capital Definition The Working Capital definition or WC is the difference between

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Quick Ratio Analysis

Quick Ratio Analysis Definition The quick ratio, defined also as the acid test ratio, reveals a company’s ability to meet short-term operating needs by using its liquid assets. It is similar to the current ratio, but is considered a more reliable indicator of a company’s short-term financial strength. The difference between these two is that

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Operating Capital Definition

Operating Capital Definition The operating capital definition is the cash used for daily operations in a company. As a result, it is essential to the survival of each and every business. Whether small or large, across industries, and under any other conditions that a business faces, lack of cash is one of the main reasons why

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Notes Receivable

See Also: Notes Payable Treasury Notes (t notes) Accounts Receivable How to collect accounts receivable Balance Sheet Notes Receivable Definition The notes receivable is an account on the balance sheet usually under the current assets section if its life is less than a year. Specifically, a note receivable is a written promise to receive money

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Current Assets

See Also: Current Liabilities Fixed Assets Chart of Accounts (COA) Working Capital Analysis Financial Ratios Intangible Assets Current Assets Definition Current assets, defined as a category of assets on the balance sheet which are expected to be used within one year or one normal operating cycle of the business (whichever is longer), are commonly part of the

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Commercial Paper

See Also: Convertible Debt Instrument NonInvestment Grade Bonds Collateralized Debt Obligations External Sources of Cash Certificate of Deposit (CD) What Your Banker Wants You To Know Commercial Bank Convertible Debt Instrument Commercial Paper Definition Commercial paper is a short-term debt instrument. Companies can borrow money by issuing it to investors. It is unsecured, meaning collateral

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Accounting Asset Definition

See Also: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Financial Accounting Standards Board International Financial Reporting Standards Depreciation Financial Assets Accounting Asset Definition In accounting, an asset has two criteria: a company must own or control it, and it must be expected to generate future benefit for that company. Assets on Balance Sheet A company records the value

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