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Hiring Process is Getting Longer

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that employers are taking longer to pull the trigger on hiring decisions than in years past. According to the article: the average job in 2014 sat vacant for 27.3 days before filled; this is compared to only 15.3 days five years ago the average interview process

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How to Manage Organizational Diversity

In the United States, we live in a melting pot of diversity. Since diversity is present in American society, you would probably expect it to be prevalent in most workplaces. Unfortunately, as a society we often look at diversity as a disadvantage instead of an opportunity to help us succeed. Interpersonal conflict caused by diversity

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Organizational Structure

See Also: Organizational Structure: Advantages of Centralization Organizational Structure: Advantages of Decentralization Capital Structure Management Organizational Structure Definition Organizational structure is the way responsibility, authority, and lines of communication are arranged. It is also how all processes occur in a company. Additionally, this term is commonly referred to as organizational culture. The most common organizational

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How to Hire a CFO Controller

How to Hire a CFO Controller When you need to hire a CFO Controller, there are a few steps that you need to take prior to the actually hiring. Start the ad placement process by first asking yourself a few questions about your company. How does the company describe itself, its culture and industry space? What

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A Fun Place to Work

Can you have fun at work and be productive at the same time? Blinds.com sure does think so. Last week I visited the open house for their new location and I can truly say they have set up a workplace of fun. From the paint colors to the floor coverings, the idea of fun was

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