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How to Produce Realistic Sales Projections

2016 has flown by and we are already in the fourth quarter! As we wrap up the year in just over a month, strategic planning for 2017 is happening in businesses across the world. As the person responsible for the bottom line, your job as a financial leader is quite simply to improve profits and cash flow.

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Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software

See Also: How Do You Know When It Is Time to Buy New Software? How to Choose New Software Technology Assessment Criteria How to Choose a Software Dealer Technology Strategy for Small to Medium Sized Companies Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is not

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Business Intelligence and Finance

See Also: Capitalization Double Entry Bookkeeping Benchmarking Market Positioning Current Business Intelligence and Finance Approach Business Intelligence (BI) technology has evolved so much in recent history to bring the world more than just operational reports. Unfortunately, with all the capabilities that we have with Business Intelligence, firms are still following conventional wisdom in their implementation

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

See Also: Customer Analysis Profitability Index Method Segmenting Customers for Profit Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software Market Segmentation Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, is the process by which a company identifies customers based on profitability or sales, and markets to them specifically. By identifying the best customer, the company has

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