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What You Should Know About Breaking Debt Covenants

The end of the first quarter of 2015 is approaching, and quarterly debt covenant compliance certificates are coming due. If your business is like many in our area, this thought probably fills you with dread. With so many businesses in Houston tied to the energy industry, the effects of the free fall in oil prices

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Manage your Banking Relationship

See Also: Financial Jargon Categories of Banks Finding the Right Lender Funding Source Versus Lender Interest Definition Is it Time to Find a New Bank? In order to manage your banking relationship a key strategy is to establish lines of open communication with your banker. Treat them as your friend instead of an adversary. If you are

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Loan Term

See Also: Loan Agreement 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Self-Liquidating Loans How important is personal credit in negotiating a commercial loan? Loan Origination Fee Term Deposit What is a Term Sheet? Preparing a Loan Package Loan Term Definition Loan term, defined as the period of time between when a loan is received

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Covenant Definition

See Also: Company Valuation Coupon Rate Bond Fixed Income Securities How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Long Term Debt Non-Investment Grade Bonds Par Value of a Bond Covenant Definition The covenant definition is a restrictive clause in a bond contract. The purpose of the clause is to protect the lender (the party that invests in

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Financial Ratios

Monitoring a company’s performance using ratio analysis and comparing those measures to industry benchmarks often leads to improvements in company performance. Not to mention these ratios are often part of loan covenants. The following article provides an overview of the 5 categories of financial ratios and links to their description and calculation. Use the following

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Breaking Debt Covenants

What should you do if you are currently violating or are at risk of violating your debt covenants (breaking debt covenants)? The following video addresses this issue. The key is to be proactive and not wait for it to fix itself. Breaking Debt Covenants For more tips on how to improve cash flow, click here

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Bank Covenant Violations Sets Off Bank’s ‘Trip Wire’

The Houston Business Journal interviewed The Strategic CFO regarding bank covenant violations and what steps you should take to manage the process. Bank Covenant Violations Sets Off Bank’s ‘Trip Wire’ “Setting Off a bank’s ‘trip wire’ doesn’t have to be the end of road.” If you need to improve cash flow, then download the free 25

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Operating Leases Going Away?

The FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) are recommending that the use of operating leases be scrapped. In addition, they are recommending that you treat all leases as capital leases. For over 40 years, FAS 13 has been the standard. But this step will change all that. Operating Leases

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