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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

See Also: S Corporation General Partnership Limited Partnership Partnership Sole Proprietorship Role of a Company Back Office Limited Liability Company (LLC) Definition A Limited Liability Company or LLC is a business form which provides limited liability much like a corporation. There can be an unlimited number of members to the company. There are also many

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Ten In-house Secrets For Reducing Your Company’s Legal Costs

See Also: Tips on How to Manage Your Lawyer What Relationship Should the General Counsel Have With the Board How to Keep Your Corporate Veil Closed Corporate Veil Sunk Costs Bankruptcy Costs ‘General Counsel,’ or “Chief Legal Officer,” is the job title of the lawyer who heads up the legal department in a corporation. As

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S Corporation vs C Corporation

See Also: S Corporation C Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) S Corporation vs C Corporation Although these two entities are very similar, there has always been a debate between an S corporation vs C corporation. The S corporation vs C corporation debate has been ongoing for a while. The following are some major differences that

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Reverse Stock Split

See Also: Common Stock Definition Intrinsic Value – Stock Options Stock Options Basics Treasury Stock (Repurchased Shares) Reverse Stock Split Definition A reverse split is a procedure that is the exact opposite of a stock split. It involves reducing the number of shares for the corporation while maintaining the same market value. However, the cost

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S Corporation

An S corporation (S-Corp), also called a subchapter S corporation, is a type of business organization that is structured like a corporation but taxed like a partnership. Find the applicable law in Chapter 1, Subchapter S, of the Internal Revenue Code. S-corps do not have to pay corporate income taxes. Instead, include the company’s profits

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Responsibility Center

Responsibility Center Definition In accounting, a responsibility center refers to an organizational subunit in a corporation. For instance, a large corporation may consist of numerous smaller business groups or divisions, some or all of these organizational subunits could be set up as responsibility centers. The manager of a responsibility center is responsible for the activities

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Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share)

Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share) Definition Like common stock, shares of preferred stocks (preferred share) represent ownership of a public corporation. However, unlike common stock, preferred stock typically does not give the owner voting rights. Preferred stock usually pays a dividend. But due to its preferred status, preferred stockholders will receive dividend payments before common stockholders.

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Conglomerate Definition

See Also: Sole Proprietorship C Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) General Partnership Core Satellite Portfolio The Conglomerate Definition The conglomerate definition is a type of complex company which operates under several industries. It is also the combination of two or more corporations. Conglomerates are often used to manage several different companies as a means of

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Commercial Paper

See Also: Convertible Debt Instrument NonInvestment Grade Bonds Collateralized Debt Obligations External Sources of Cash Certificate of Deposit (CD) What Your Banker Wants You To Know Commercial Bank Convertible Debt Instrument Commercial Paper Definition Commercial paper is a short-term debt instrument. Companies can borrow money by issuing it to investors. It is unsecured, meaning collateral

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C Corporation

See Also: S Corporation Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) Cooperative (co-op) Limited Liability Company (LLC) Sole Proprietorship S Corporation vs C Corporation Conglomerate Definition C Corporation Definition The C Corporation definition (C-corp) is a form of business which is owned by several C-corp shareholders or holders of stock within the company. Many larger businesses adopt

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