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The Struggles of Private Company Accounting

Building your Accounting Department… When I meet a business owner operating at a successful $10+ mil in revenue I often hear them say “My CPA…” and I immediately know they are referring to a tax CPA. One thing ALL entrepreneurs have in common is that they have to file a tax return. So from day

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Do You Hire a Controller or a CFO?

Many people use Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) and Controller interchangeably because they think it is the same position. In some companies, a Controller could be the top financial leader. But that does not mean they are a CFO or CFO-level. Before we answer the question of do you hire a Controller or a CFO, we

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Do you need to be a CPA to be a CFO?

Not too long ago, the Academy Awards took place, and they played reels of the Academy Awards that happened in the past 80 or so years. It reminded me of the time when I showed my grandson an old western movie… I thought some of the parts were hilarious, but my teenage grandson was horrified by

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Annual Survey – The Average Tenure of a CFO

Ever feel like you’re the only financial professional you know that changes jobs frequently?  Or, maybe it seems like you’re one of the few who has had the same job forever.  No matter who you are, we’d like your help… We’re asking all of our readers to help us out with a little bit of

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What You Should Know About Preparing a Forecast

Ready or not, it’s time to start the process of preparing your 2016 forecast.  While it may seem a bit premature, a walk down the aisle of your favorite home improvement store to check out their (already) prominently featured holiday displays tells the story.  Some of this can definitely be attributed to overzealousness to capture the consumer’s holiday

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Results: Average Tenure of a CFO Survey

Over the past few months, we conducted a survey of hundreds of financial professionals in an effort to determine the average tenure of a CFO in today’s world. Participants were asked: Length of time in current job – less than 3 years, 3-5 years, 6-9 years, 10+ years Current title – CFO, Controller, Asst. Controller,

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How to Hire a CFO Controller

How to Hire a CFO Controller Tips When you need to hire a CFO Controller, there are a few steps that you need to take prior to the actually hiring. Start the ad placement process by first asking yourself a few questions about your company. How does the company describe itself, its culture and industry space?

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Develop a Controller

See Also: Hire a CFO Controller How to Compensate Sales Person How to Form an Advisory Board Train People For Success How to write an Action Plan Skills to Develop a Controller 1. Accounting Skills Keep up to date on the latest accounting rules and know which rules apply to your company. Are you publicly

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Duties Of A Financial Controller

See Also: Controller The Role of the CFO Duties of a Financial Controller The duties of a financial controller revolve around ensuring that a business is operating effectively and efficiently. Financial controller duties are to manage accounting and monitor internal controls. Furthermore, the financial controller responsibilities include banking and finance activities, proper reporting and payment

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Controller vs CFO

See also: Do you hire a CFO or a Controller? The Role of a CFO Controller vs Comptroller Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Controller Duties Controller vs CFO Explanation In order to fully understand the relationship between a Financial Controller vs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), one needs to understand what the responsibilities of each are.

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Controller vs Comptroller

See Also: Controller Controller vs CFO The Importance of Knowing Your Leadership Competencies Flash Reports Are a Game Changer Difference Between The Controller vs Comptroller What is the difference is between a controller vs comptroller? At the end of the day, the controller vs comptroller relationship is not all too diverse. A controller is a

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Controller Duties

See Also: Controller Definition Controller Separation Of Duties Controller Vs Comptroller Duties Of A Financial Controller Controller Vs. CFO Financial Controller Duties The duties of a financial controller are to oversee the accounting functions within an organization and internal controls at the highest level of management. Financial controller responsibilities are to work alongside the executive

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