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Progress Billing for a General Contractor

Progress Billing for a General Contractor Definition A construction project typically involves many different trades in order to reach completion. Therefore, it can be just as daunting a task to submit for payment to a client along the way. The Owner of a construction project relies on the project architect, lender and sometimes a third

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Percentage Completion (POC) Method

See Also: Percentage Completion Method Example Accounting Principles Point of Sale Method (POS) Installment Method Completed Contract Method Collection Method Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Percentage Completion (POC) Method Use the Percentage Completion (POC) method with construction based projects that extend over the course of several years. Furthermore, many accountants prefer the percentage completion accounting over

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How to Maintain an Effective Job Schedule

How to Maintain an Effective Job Schedule Accounting’s main function in Construction is to properly manage the financial stability of the organization. One of the tools that accounting uses to do this is the construction job schedule. This schedule shows the performance of each construction job. Project management works with accounting to furnish the contract

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Contract Price

See Also: Maintenance Contract Completed Contract Method Progress Billing for a General Contractor Covenant Definition of a Bond Contract Account Manager Contract Price Definition Contract price, defined as the price of a contract which is paid to a contractor upon completion, is used any time a contract exists. Due to the fact that a contract

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Construction Accounting

See Also: Progress Billing for a General Contractor Cash Flow Statement How to Select Your Commercial Insurance Broker Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Financial Ratios Construction Accounting Definition Construction accounting, a type of project accounting, is the method for financially tracking the progress of a construction job. This is essential for bidding, request-for-proposals, project management, invoicing,

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Completed Contract Method

See Also: Accounting Principles Percentage of Completion Method Installment Method Point of Sale Method (POS) Cost Recovery Method Completed Contract Method Definition The completed contract method is also known as the contract completion method. It is a form of revenue recognition used for project based accounting such as construction. The completed contract method of accounting records

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Capitalized Interest

See also: Capitalize Interest Expense Interest Rate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Capitalized Interest Definition The capitalized interest definition is the interest on the cost of construction, or a self constructed asset by a company. Interest capitalization occurs because it is a part of the cost in developing the asset for the

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Construction Costs Are Going Through the Roof

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun! Recently I have been visiting with several general contracting clients regarding the challenges they are facing. Both complained of the dramatic rise in construction costs in the face of a softening economy. Over the past 6 months construction costs have been increasing 1% – 2% per month for an

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