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Why do most startups fail?

Right now is the time of innovation – kickstarters and new types of marketing campaigns are popping up everywhere. You might have an idea yourself, regardless of whether you’re a Millennial, Generation X, or even a Baby Boomer! So how do you know if your idea is a good one? As I have mentioned in

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More Questions Your Banker Wants Answered…

In a recent post, I talked about a conversation I had with our banker and the three questions she’d most like answers to.  In case you missed it, her questions were… How are you feeling about your business and the local economy? What is the outlook for the rest of the year? What are you

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Value Chain

See Also: Valuation Methods Value Drivers: Building Reliable Systems to Sustain Growth Porters Five Forces of Competition Responsibility Center Cost Driver Value Chain Definition Value chain refers to the functional activities of a business that add value to its customers. The concept was created around 1985 by Michael Porter, Harvard Business School professor. According to

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Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading Definition Proprietary trading definition is the act of companies profiting directly from the market rather than working on a commission basis. Several companies who have a competitive advantage in an area of trade often do this. Proprietary Trading Meaning Larger companies who have expertise in a certain market usually perform proprietary trading. For

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