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Dealing with Employee Fraud

Recently, I was visiting with a potential client who had been the victim of fraud.  Talking with him brought back unpleasant memories of the first time I discovered that one of my client’s employees had committed fraud against the company.  Despite the fact that it happened a long time ago, all of the emotions associated with the

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Wage Rate

See Also: How to compensate sales staff Compensation Plan Equity Interest Capital Project Damage Claim Wage Rate Definition The wage rate definition is the rate of compensation for a worker. It is one of the central themes of the study of human resources. It is determined by 2 factors: productivity at work or number of

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Remuneration Definition

See Also: Pension Plans Cafeteria Plan How to compensate sales staff Passive Income Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) What is Remuneration Definition? We can define remunerations as compensation for employment services. Remuneration can include hourly wages, fringe benefits, salary compensations, and other forms of compensation such as stock options and cash bonuses. Strategies differ across industries

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Indemnity Clause

See Also: Blue Sky Laws Tips on How to Manage your Lawyer Steps to Track Money In and Out of a Company Accounting Asset Definition Indemnity Clause Definition The indemnity clause definition is the clause which compensates either party in a contract against loss. It is one of the most common ways for a party

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Gross Up

See Also: Adjusted Gross Income Definition Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis PEO Arrangement Compared to Outsourcing Payroll Payroll Accounting Purchase Option Gross Up Definition Defined as paying a full amount without any deductions, gross up is most often used in terms of salary for employees. Gross Up Explanation Gross up, explained as a method for

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Golden Parachute

Golden Parachute Definition A golden parachute refers to a generous compensation package promised to a senior executive in the event that the executive leaves the company. It is a contractual agreement between the company and the employee. The contract stipulates the conditions under which the executive will receive it. Some of the conditions may include

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Sales and Marketing Compensation

See Also: How to Keep Your Corporate Veil Closed Corporate Veil Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Intrinsic Value- Stock Options Golden Parachute How to Hire New Employees Sales and Marketing Compensation Compensating sales and marketing employees is a critical, and complicated, issue for many companies. Sales incentives are very common today and many companies experience

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Form 1099

See Also: Form 1098 W2 Form 401k Tax Efficiency Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099 Definition The Form 1099 definition is used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determine the amounts of income that is not in the form of wages, salary, and tips. An individual’s employer fills out the 1099. Form 1099 Meaning A form

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Controller Duties

See Also: Controller Definition Controller Separation Of Duties Controller Vs Comptroller Duties Of A Financial Controller Controller Vs. CFO Financial Controller Duties The duties of a financial controller are to oversee the accounting functions within an organization and internal controls at the highest level of management. Financial controller responsibilities are to work alongside the executive

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Compensation Plan

See Also: Sales and Marketing Compensation PEO or Outsource Payroll Wage Rate Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Employee Health Insurance Plans Compensation Plan Definition A plan, defined as the plan of how to compensate employees for their work efforts, is one of the most common concepts in the professional world. Compensation plans design a number

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Commission Accounting

See Also: Accounting Principles Accounting Concepts Income Statement Accrual Based Accounting Payroll Accounting Commission Accounting Definition Commission Accounting can easily be defined as a revenue or expense to the company during the process of a sale. Typically this type of accounting is used for real estate firms who work off of commission or a similar

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