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Preemptive Subscription Rights

See Also: Preferred Stocks Initial Public Offering (IPO) Stock Options Basics Intrinsic Value – Stock Options Insider Trading Preemptive Subscription Rights Definition Preemptive subscription rights give existing shareholders the opportunity to purchase new share offerings before they are available to the investing public. You can also call it preemption rights or subscription rights. Basically, when

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Red Herring Definition

See Also: Ten In-House Secrets for Reducing Your Company’s Legal Costs Board of Directors Benefits of an Advisory Board How to Form an Advisory Board Why is Intellectual Property Risk Everybody’s Problem The Red Herring Definition The red herring definition, or preliminary prospectus, is a legal document that must be submitted to the SEC for

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Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share)

Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share) Definition Like common stock, shares of preferred stocks (preferred share) represent ownership of a public corporation. However, unlike common stock, preferred stock typically does not give the owner voting rights. Preferred stock usually pays a dividend. But due to its preferred status, preferred stockholders will receive dividend payments before common stockholders.

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Common Stock Definition

See Also: Intrinsic Value – Stock Options Company Valuation Basis Definition Balance Sheet Paid in Capital (APIC) Capital Gains American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) What is Common Stock Definition The common stock definition is shares of common stock represent ownership of a public or private corporation. Shares of common stock usually give the shareholder voting rights.

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Basis Definition

See Also: Basis Points Make or Buy Business Decision Collateralized Debt Obligations Carried Interests Letter of Credit Basis Explanation In accounting, the basis definition is the value of an asset for tax purposes. The basis of an asset is the cost of the asset reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It includes the original purchase price of the asset

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Capital Structure Management

See Also: Balance Sheet Cost of Capital Capital Asset Pricing Model Capital Budgeting Methods Net Present Value Method Capital Expenditures Organizational Structure Capital Structure Management A company’s capital structure refers to the combination of its various sources of funding. Most companies are funded by a mix of debt and equity, including some short-term debt, some

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See Also: Dividend Payout Ratio Dividends Dividend Yield Analysis Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share) Define Payment Terms Arrears Definition Arrears is defined as an amount of a liability which is past due or has simply not been paid yet. There are generally two types of arrears concerning annuities and loans, and the second is in respect

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