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What Your Banker Wants You To Know

In small or large businesses, we often end up dealing with banks and bankers beyond the checking account. When you have debt with your bank (your lender), the relationship takes on another dynamic. The typical loan agreement for traditional debt includes loan amount, terms, collateral provided, the covenants you must live by, and the dos

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Mezzanine Financing

See Also: External Sources of Cash What Does A Lender Want To Know Finding The Right Lender Due Diligence on Lenders Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Mezzanine Financing Definition A mezzanine lender, provider of mezzanine financing, functions similar to a bank in terms of providing a source of capital for companies. They get their

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Letter of Credit

See Also: Line of Credit (Bank Line) Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Company Life Cycle How Important is Personal Credit While Negotiating a Commercial Loan? Letter of Credit Definition What are letters of credit? Define a letter of credit as a document issued by a bank that guarantee payment to a seller on behalf of a

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Commercial Bank

See Also: Investment Banks 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Categories of Banks Bank Statement How to manage your banking relationship. Certificate of Deposit (CD) Personal Credit for Commercial Loan Alternative Forms of Financing What Your Banker Wants You to Know Commercial Bank Definition Commercial banks are the most unrestricted and common of

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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

See Also: Loan Term Commercial Paper Term Deposit Treasury Bills (t bills) Federal Funds Rate Definition Certificate of Deposit (CD) Definition A Certificate of Deposit or CD is a special type of time deposit used by many financial institutions, usually a commercial bank. Certificates of deposit generally offer fixed rates of return for periods of

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Asset-Based Lending

If your company is in need of financing but it has been a challenge obtaining it from a traditional lender such as a bank, then you might consider alternative lending sources, such as asset-based lenders. Asset-based lending or ABLs will lend against collateral. Comparatively, other types of lenders lend based on your creditworthiness. As a

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Recapitalizing Your Company Using Mezzanine Financing

Recapitalizing Your Company Using Mezzanine Financing “There comes a time in every company’s life cycle when the company and/or the entrepreneur need some more cash. Perhaps the company needs more working capital or some additional money to help fund an expansion. Or, maybe the entrepreneur feels that it’s time to reap the benefit of all

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