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Why You Need to Have a 13-Week Cash Flow Report

Have you ever been in a cash flow crisis? You aren’t able to make payroll. You can’t pay your vendors. There is simply not enough cash. BUT sales are rocketing. So in theory, there should be enough cash… Wrong. I say this during every Office Hours I host for our SCFO Lab members… “You need to

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What You Should Know About Preparing a Forecast

Ready or not, it’s time to start the process of preparing your 2016 forecast.  While it may seem a bit premature, a walk down the aisle of your favorite home improvement store to check out their (already) prominently featured holiday displays tells the story.  Some of this can definitely be attributed to overzealousness to capture the consumer’s holiday

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Managing Cash Flow

Effectively managing cash flow is an issue that all businesses face, whether they have plenty of cash or are experiencing a cash crunch.  Cash is the lifeblood that fuels current operations and allows for growth, so developing a strategy to manage this most important asset is key. Effectively Managing Cash Flow So how do you

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Track Money In and Out of a Company

See Also: How to Develop a Daily Cash Report Cash Flow Projections Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Statement Free Cash Flow Analysis How to Track Money In and Out of a Company We have all heard CASH IS KING and HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES. I was talking with a business owner of

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Prepare an Investor Package

See Also: How to Prepare a Breakeven Analysis Contribution Margin Cost Volume Profit Model ProForma Financial Statements Net Profit Margin Analysis Prepare an Investor Package The Investor Package serves as a medium to visually communicate to the Owner/Management financial information which they might otherwise have difficulty digesting in financial statements. This is not unusual since

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Cash Flow Projections

See Also: Cash Flow After Tax 13 Week Cash Flow Report How to Produce Realistic Sales Projections Optimistic Projections Why Most Sales Projections Fail Cash Flow Projections Financial statements are the basic building block for understanding how a business is doing. They provide management a way to assess the results and consequences of past decisions.

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Banks Tighten Credit Standards

An article in todays’ Wall Street Journal highlights how banks tighten credit standards across the country’s banking community. The author cites interviews with bankers indicating a change in the amount of risk that lenders are willing to take. Later in the article the author cites sources that say they haven’t seen a credit crunch. So

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