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Why You Need to Have a 13-Week Cash Flow Report

Have you ever been in a cash flow crisis? You aren’t able to make payroll. You can’t pay your vendors. There is simply not enough cash. BUT sales are rocketing. So in theory, there should be enough cash… Wrong. I say this during every Office Hours I host for our SCFO Lab members… “You need to

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Track Money In and Out of a Company

See Also: How to Develop a Daily Cash Report Cash Flow Projections Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Statement Free Cash Flow Analysis How to Track Money In and Out of a Company We have all heard CASH IS KING and HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES. I was talking with a business owner of

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Success Is Your Business

See Also: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Are You Collecting the Data You Need to Run Your Business? Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble Working Capital Analysis Success Is Your Business Explanation I am going away from talking about traditional cash flow analysis this week. I

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