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See Also: Common Stock Definition Purchase Option Call Option Put Option Synthetic Stock Warrants Definition The warrants definition is the right to purchase shares or bonds at a fixed price before there is an issuance in the public marketplace. In this sense, a warrant is like a call option. But there are several key differences.

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Synthetic Stock

Synthetic Stock Definition Synthetic stock is created when a holder of a call and put option simulates the stock when that holder buys and sells the options accordingly. Without participating in the market the holder can stand to make a gain. Then, they can invest in the stock as long as the expiration has not

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Stock Options Basics

Stock Options Definition A stock option is a financial instrument that gives its holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a security for a set price on or before a set date. Stock options are traded on financial bonuses. A stock option contract typically consists of no less than 100 options.

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Intrinsic Value of Stock Options

See Also: Finance Beta Definition Black Sholes Option Model Binomial Options Pricing Model Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Subscription (Preemptive) Rights Intrinsic Value of Stock Options The intrinsic value of stock options is one of the factors – along with time value – that contribute to the value of a stock option. For an in-the-money

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Call Option

See Also: Put Option Synthetic Stock Future Value Warrants Intrinsic Value – Stock Options Call Option Definition The call option definition is a right by an investor to buy an asset at a pre-determined price on or before a certain date known as the call option expiration. Call Option Explained The call option gives an

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