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Business Accelerator

See also: Dilemma of Financing a Start Up Company Why do most startups fail? Financing a Startup Business Accelerator Definition The business accelerator definition is a program that includes mentorship, education, and typically a “demo day” where companies are able to pitch their business to the business community. This business community is typically comprised of

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Knowing Your Economics: The Discipline of the Financial Leader

Michael Gerber said it best in his book, E-Myth Mastery, “there is nothing in the creation and operation of a company that so seemingly conspires to confuse, intimidate, overwhelm, complicate, rationalize, and metastasize the plain ignorance of the average business guy, or woman, then money” (172). But why is that so? It’s because as humans,

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The 5 Stages of Business Grief

In her 1969 book On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross outlines the five stages of grief individuals experience when faced with catastrophic personal loss. The five stages are as follows: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance The 5 Stages of Business Grief In one form or another, businesses too experience these five stages when faced with

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Feasibility Study

See Also: Current Ratio Analysis Comparison Analysis Customer Analysis Mixed Economy Variance Analysis Feasibility Study Definition The feasibility study definition is the study of the feasibility of creating benefit from a given project. It is one of the first steps in evaluating a business idea. Basically, a feasibility study proposal is the analysis which establishes whether

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