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Maximizing Your Bottom Line In 3 Simple Steps

Sales are great, but wouldn’t they be better if you were actually able to reap the rewards? Many CEOs that were not trained with an accounting/finance background struggle to understand profitability. They think that if sales are great, then the business is great. But when sales increase, inventory and overhead increases. Productivity also decreases –

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Budgeting: It’s About Achieving Success

Ron Rael, author of 13 ½ Strategic Ways of Winning the Budgeting Wars, once said that, “To achieve success in anything, you need two ingredients: a target to aim for and a way to measure your progress towards it.” Budgeting is all about achieving success in business. When you improve the budget process, you are

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Net Income

See Also: Net Sales Net Operating Loss Carryback and Carryforward Financial Ratios Financial Reporting Accounts Payable Net Income Definition The net income definition is a company’s profit in a given fiscal period. It consists of total revenues earned in the period less total expenses incurred to generate the revenues in the period. When revenues exceed expenses,

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Controller vs Comptroller

See Also: Controller Controller vs CFO The Importance of Knowing Your Leadership Competencies Flash Reports Are a Game Changer Difference Between The Controller vs Comptroller What is the difference is between a controller vs comptroller? At the end of the day, the controller vs comptroller relationship is not all too diverse. A controller is a

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See Also: Depreciation Asset Market Value vs Asset Book Value Fixed Asset Turnover Analysis Research and Development Straight-Line Depreciation Accretion Definition Accretion is the increase through time of a natural asset like land or a financial asset. The increases occur through growth and multiplication like through the following: Dividends and interest for financial assets, The

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Defend the Bottom Line!

During a downturn in the economy the overriding goal of the Chief Financial Officer and management team is to defend the bottom line or profitability of the company. At a minimum you should achieve break even. The economy ebbs and flows like the tide. During the good times a company should generate profits and pay

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