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Mining the Balance Sheet for Working Capital

Mining the Balance Sheet Let’s face it… There has been significant liquidity in the marketplace over the past couple of years. Debt and equity capital has been relatively easy to find and commercial banks have been very willing participants as capital providers; however, many of the commercial banks have admitted that this robust marketplace is a prolonged

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Managing the Banking Relationship in a Growing Market

Business is rarely easy.  Even in a growth market, there are still challenges.  They are just different challenges than in a recession. Managing the Banking Relationship in a Growing Market In Houston, we are seeing companies who are continuing to grow and generate cash. As they seek to expand their operations and invest in infrastructure, they are running

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Analyzing Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment Return on Investment is a useful tool to understand, analyze, and compare different investment opportunities. Return on Investment or ROI measures the efficiency of a specific investment by revealing how net earnings recover the cost of the original investment. Have you ever wondered if the result of your investment was really worth

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Manage your Banking Relationship

See Also: Financial Jargon Categories of Banks Finding the Right Lender Funding Source Versus Lender Interest Definition Is it Time to Find a New Bank? In order to manage your banking relationship a key strategy is to establish lines of open communication with your banker. Treat them as your friend instead of an adversary. If you are

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What Does A Lender Want To Know?

See Also: Relationship with Your Lender Finding the Right Lender The Dilemma of Financing a Start-up Company Every Business has a Funding Source, Few have a Lender Required Rate of Return Venture Capital   I had a conversation with a prospect that needed working capital funding. He asked, “What does a lender want to know?”

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7 C’s of Banking

See Also: 5 Cs of Credit Line of Credit Credit Rating Agencies How Important is Personal Credit in Negotiating a Commercial Loan? Improve Your Credit Score 7 C’s of Banking Every knows the 5 C’s of Banking. But what are the 7 C’s of Banking? Recently, I spoke to students at the University of Houston

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What Is Dilution?

What is Dilution? Dilution is any portion, regardless of why, of your receivables that you did not collect. This is important as the amount available from your line of credit with the bank is based on your outstanding accounts receivable balance. The bank wants to know the extent to which your receivables are likely to

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

See Also: Electronic Data Interchange Technology Assessment Criteria How to evaluate IT systems How Redundant is Your Data Communications Link? Research and Development Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Definition Electronic funds transfer (EFT) refers to an electronic financial transaction. According to the U.S. Electronic Fund Transfer Act, an EFT is a non-paper financial transaction initiated via

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Commercial Bank

See Also: Investment Banks 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Categories of Banks Bank Statement How to manage your banking relationship. Certificate of Deposit (CD) Personal Credit for Commercial Loan Alternative Forms of Financing What Your Banker Wants You to Know Commercial Bank Definition Commercial banks are the most unrestricted and common of

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Categories of Banks

See Also: Bankers’ Language is Financial Jargon Finding the Right Lender Funding Source Versus Lender How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Interest Rate Is it Time to Find a New Bank? Commercial Bank Categories of Banks Definition In another article, I told you the story about Robin’s company needing to perform due diligence on her

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Bank Charge

See Also: Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Analysis 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) SKU Categories of Banks Bank Charge Definition Bank charge, defined as the fees associated maintaining a bank account, exist in the personal as well as business world. These charges come from two factors. First, regular account maintenance is perhaps the

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5 Cs of Credit (5 Cs of Banking)

See Also: What are the 7 Cs of banking How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Line of Credit Trade Credit Collateralized Debt Obligations 5 Cs of Credit (5 Cs of Banking) The 5 Cs of credit or 5 Cs of banking are a common reference to the major elements of a banker’s analysis when considering

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