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Debt Compliance 101: Keeping Your Banker Happy

While Houston is mostly underwater from Hurricane Harvey that made landfall over the weekend, we are keeping our heads high and finding some purpose. Houstonians are going out of their way to save people, help clean up flood damage, and providing the necessities for their fellow neighbor. Similarly, you should find ways to keep your

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How to Get a Loan When Banks Aren’t Lending

You need capital, but you’re having trouble securing the financing you need.  So how to get a loan when banks aren’t lending? This situation reminds me of the famous NBC Television show, “The Office”, the hilarious documentary-style show that comments on the life of a standard corporate office. If you haven’t seen the show, I’d

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Bank Lending Cycle: Cracking the Code

So your cash is tight and your loan renewal is approaching, but sales are picking up and you need additional capital to keep up the pace.  You approach your banker about increasing your line or obtaining new financing and they aren’t willing to take the risk. What now? This isn’t a new story. In fact, if you’re in finance, either

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A Tale of Two Bank Accounts

Do you ever have those thoughts that haunt you in the middle of the night? Well, for me, it was 2 AM one night and I thought to myself, “Why on earth do I have two bank accounts?!” As time passes and technology progresses, the need for multiple bank accounts seems irrelevant. Think about it

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More Questions Your Banker Wants Answered…

In a recent post, I talked about a conversation I had with our banker and the three questions she’d most like answers to.  In case you missed it, her questions were… How are you feeling about your business and the local economy? What is the outlook for the rest of the year? What are you

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3 Questions Your Banker Wants Answered

Recently, I had lunch with our banker.  During the meeting, I asked her what she wanted to accomplish when meeting with her customers.  She said that she wanted to know the 3 questions your banker wants answered… 3 Questions Your Banker Wants Answered 1.  How are you feeling about your business and the local economy?

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Managing the Banking Relationship in a Growing Market

Business is rarely easy.  Even in a growth market, there are still challenges.  They are just different challenges than in a recession. Managing the Banking Relationship in a Growing Market In Houston, we are seeing companies who are continuing to grow and generate cash. As they seek to expand their operations and invest in infrastructure, they are running

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Debit vs Credit

See Also: Debits and Credits Double Entry Bookkeeping Debits vs Credits in Accounting When people discuss debit vs credit, they are usually referring to double entry accounting. More specifically, a debit and credit are recorded for each transaction. These two are required for each transaction in order to keep the accounting equation in balance. There

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What is Investment Banking?

See also: What Your Banker Wants You To Know Alternative Forms of Banking Debt Compliance 101: Keep Your Banker Happy Manage Your Banking Relationship What is Investment Banking? What is investment banking? In this article, you will learn the investment banking definition, about investment bank analysts, about investment bankers as executors, and examples of investment

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What Does A Lender Want To Know?

See Also: Relationship with Your Lender Finding the Right Lender The Dilemma of Financing a Start-up Company Every Business has a Funding Source, Few have a Lender Required Rate of Return Venture Capital   I had a conversation with a prospect that needed working capital funding. He asked, “What does a lender want to know?”

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Choosing a Bank

See Also: What are the 7 Cs of banking Categories of Banks Finding The Right Lender How Important is Personal Credit When Negotiating a Commercial Loan? Bank Reconciliation Choosing a Bank: Which Bank to Choose? I was involved in a speaking engagement recently with my friend, a banker named Larry from Community Bank located here

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Sukuk Definition A Sukuk is the islamic world’s version of a bond. It is also referred to as an islamic bond. Because Islamic people do not believe in charging or paying interest, they have been forced to maneuver their way around interest by renting certain assets or by taking ownership in a project. Sukuk Meaning

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