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Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory Shrinkage Definition Inventory shrinkage means that, somewhere along the line, there is a drop in product numbers from the time of manufacture to the time of sale. Clearly, this is a bad thing for both the consumer and the producer. On the producer side of things, the inventory shrinkage factor causes an uptick in

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Horizontal Integration

See Also: Vertical Integration Business Intelligence and Finance Business Cycle Manufacturing Cost Economic Production Run (EPR) Horizontal Integration Definition Horizontal integration means that a company contains control over one part of the production process by controlling the majority or all of the resources at that particular junction of production. Explanation of Horizontal Integration Horizontal integration’s

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Accounting Fraud Targeted

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the SEC plans to refocus its attention on targeting accounting fraud. They will also refocus on other financial reporting-related issues. While such cases used to be the primary focus for the SEC, the recent financial crisis forced the agency to take a closer look at Wall Street.

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