The Art Of The CFO

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in the day-to-day tasks? Many of us do…

Especially CFOs…

Constant cash flow tracking, financial planning, and trying to determine their company’s financial strengths, and weaknesses.

Even after the tracking, planning, and analyzing, the CFO is still not done. They need to create an action plan for the future finances. Often times, CFOs forget their direct impact on longevity, financial control, and a level of influence held in their leadership role. 

Over the last 30+ years, The Strategic CFO has been demonstrating what it means to be a strategic CFO and a financial leader. We learned that it isn’t all about the numbers. It’s a true form of art. That is why we developed The Art of the CFO.

What is the Art of the CFO™?

The Art of the CFO™ is a common misconception, and often even ignored…

Until now.

Let’s dive into some common misconceptions…

Even though the title CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer, the role entails much more than just a financial leader.

It’s an art.

And similarly as artists create, interpret, and inspire others with their pieces… CFOs should too.

Implementing The Art of the CFO™ doesn’t mean you are a professional number cruncher, or analyzer, but in fact you are the company’s innovator, game-changer, and protector.

President and owner, Dan Corredor is The Strategic CFO’s very own artist implementing The Art of the CFO™. Corredor is the Leonardo De Vinci of CFO’s, from creating the Mona Lisa to the Last Super.

Dan Corredor is not only making a mark from countless CFO and CEO positions, but also here, at The Strategic CFO. Dan is constantly changing the CFO game with implementing The Art of the CFO™ in The Strategic CFO’s most popular CFO Coaching, Financial Leadership Workshop.

the art of the cfo

The Art of the CFO™ Curriculum

In our Financial Leadership Workshop, you will uncover what The Art of the CFO™ actually means.

Dan Corredor challenges you over the 4 days of the Financial Leadership Workshop to understand the art.

He focuses on teaching you how to reconsider some very common misconceptions of the CFO role, as well as the duties of the financial leader. Corredor will also train you on how to start implementing The Strategic CFO’s CFO toolbox to improve your organization.

Day 1

On Day 1 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, Dan starts by discussing the Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift is a way of changing our current mindset and our current processes within an organization, while discovering new techniques and ways to improve.

Day 2

On Day 2 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, Dan Corredor dives into discussing Improving Profitability.

Corredor’s focus is improving profitability. Typically, financial professionals look for cutting costs to improve profit. You’ll learn other methods that will enable you to be more of a strategic leader in your organization.

Day 3

On Day 3 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, Dan Corredor continues the workshop by discussing Financing & Cash Flow.

You will focus on your organization’s specific financing and cash flow needs. Learn how to manage your banking relationship to ensure cash flow needs are met in your company.

Day 4

By Day 4, Dan Corredor finishes the 4 day workshop series by focusing on individual Leadership roles within your organization.

You quickly understand how important it is to maintain and develop your skills as a financial leader. A CFO’s job is not just reading the finances, it’s about building lasting relationships and how you leave your mark on the future.

That is just the beginning of what the Financial Leadership Workshop offers, and your journey with The Art of the CFO™ …

Now, begin to challenge yourself… think like an artist.

You have a blank canvas – your company.

You are free to paint it however you wish.

Are you going to recreate someone else’s work or… a one-of-a-kind masterpiece?

The options are endless.

Learn More About The Art of the CFO™ & Our Upcoming Financial Leadership Workshop Series

Interested in learning more about The Art of the CFO™ and our upcoming Financial Leadership Workshop series?

Read below to see which option is right for you!

The Strategic CFO offers multiple ways to start your implementation of The Art of the CFO™.

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How to Learn the Art of the CFO™

We offer 3 ways for CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, and aspiring Financial Leaders to learn the Art of the CFO™. Learn about them below.

One-on-One Coaching 

$8,000 per participant

  • 4 Workbooks
  • 4 Leadership Books
  • 32 Hours of Classroom Time
  • Lifetime Access to the SCFO Lab
  • 36 CPE Credits
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Customized Schedule
  • Hosted at Any Location
  • Access to FLW Community

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Financial Leadership Workshop 

$4,000 per participant

P.S. The Virtual August Series is now 25% off!

  • 4 Workbooks
  • Virtual Classroom option – now available
  • 4 Leadership Books
  • 32 Hours of Classroom Time
  • Lifetime Access to the SCFO Lab
  • Interaction with Financial Leaders From Around the World
  • 40 CPE Credits
  • Access to FLW Community

Best Value

Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study

$999 per participant

  • Videos of the Live Workshop
  • Digital Copies of Lesson Materials
  • Access to FLW Community
  • Interaction with Financial Leaders From Around the World


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