Business Drivers

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Business Drivers Definition

Business drivers, defined loosely as the main factors and resources which provide the essential marketing, sales, and operational functions of a business, are of paramount importance. As more of an art than a science, business drivers are analyzed by consultants and owners alike. Though no single formula or theory dictates success in business, many best-practices exist which can lead the founder of a firm on the path of success and profit. Obviously, the business drivers in healthcare will be fairly different than those in a retail clothing store. A useful tool to measure and manage business drivers is a Flash Report!

Business Drivers Explanation

Business drivers, explained as the crucial factors which lead to success in business, are more of an art than science. These factors differ widely depending on the industry, scope, and other market dynamics. The success factors of one business may directly account for the failures of another.

For example, if a company provides software development, their success factors will be distinct to the information technologies industry. Success, here may rely on the ability to stand out among similar firms: solid customer service, quick delivery of projects, and technical support. Marketing, likewise, would use the tools of this industry: direct sales, referrals from previous clients, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and attendance to major programming conventions.

Conversely, the success of a law firm would leverage completely different factors. Operational matters like customer service, project management and delivery, and others may stay the same though emphasis may be placed on thoroughness rather than speed of delivery. Marketing, however, would be completely different: membership to business networking circles, business radio sponsorships, and most of all referrals probably account for more sales than web marketing can supply.

Due to the fact that business drivers vary immensely, a consultant with a specialty in the industry of interest is highly recommended. These experts know the struggles, failure, and success factors far more than a person with experience from an unrelated industry. Networking alone will flush out these experts from the events they regularly attend.

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